It’s proving to be a very productive summer for our Building Better Schools team. The roof trusses are now on at Saltpond Model Kindergarten school.

Here are some of the key activities that have happened since our last update in June.

1.Concrete slab for the main school building is complete.

The concrete slab cannot be poured until the hardcore build-up is complete, which involves stabilizing the area with aggregates (stone and sand) placed in layers, each layer is compacted to achieve a hard smooth surface. The order of layers applied are as follows:

    1. Stabilization of base laterite (ground soil)
    2. Filling with aggregate (stone and sand)
    3. Damp proof membrane (black polythene)
    4. Fixing reinforcement steel bar mat
    5. Pouring of concrete slab

2.Upper ring beam and truss shoes complete

3.Blockwork walls have been started

4.Roof trusses are in place.

Ayekoo (well done) team!