The Transformational Teacher Training was devised as part of the new Ghana Education Service Operational Plan to Scale up Quality Kindergarten Education across Ghana, and through this project Sabre is working as a key implementing partner.

Working in partnership with the Ghana Education Service and Our Lady of the Apostles College of Education, we piloted the programme during the academic year 2012/13. The training programme is a two year programme providing training for two years to existing kindergarten teachers and forms the one year practical placement for student teachers from the local Colleges of Education. The training enables existing untrained kindergarten teachers and student teachers to deliver the new Ghana Education Service endorsed pedagogy, which is child centred, activity based learning through play.

ghanaian children sat in classroom

What does Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training Programme involve?

The programme is multi-layered, in that it trains different stakeholders in the same learning through play methodology. We work with existing lecturers at the College of Education and officers from the Ghana Education Service to “train the trainers”. These trainers are then responsible for delivering all elements of the training to the programme’s participants, namely the head teachers, teachers and student teachers. As a result, classroom teams of one teacher and two student teachers are being equipped with the skills and knowledge to implement the learning through play methodology.

The training programme is highly intensive and supportive:

  • Intensive practical workshops are supported by regular peer level small group meetings for all teachers and student teachers.
  • Classroom observations and coaching support the implementation of new teaching methods.
  • A network of Model Practice Classrooms is created in government kindergarten schools, located close to the college which host successive student teacher placements in the future.
  • Mentor training is provided to the serving kindergarten teachers, focusing on the develop of coaching skills to enable them to independently support the student teachers on placements in their classrooms in the future.

A group of teachers undertaking an Intensive Training Workshop

Teaching and Learning Materials

Teachers receive additional training and a toolkit to help them make low-cost classroom resources and activities from recycled materials. Examples of items made so far include counters for numeracy skills made from discarded bottle tops; large story books for group story time made and illustrated by the teachers and bean bags for throwing and catching, filled with either beans or rice.

Teachers undergoing teacher trainingUsing Teacher made resources