Rivka Benjamin
Deputy Education Project Manager
  • Deputy Education Project Manager

While studying for my degree in International Development with Social Anthropology and Politics (bit of a mouthful, I know!), I became very interested in the role of education in development and even wrote my dissertation on the impact of learning styles on social development in Uganda.

Both during my studies and after graduation, I worked in various roles for education-based NGOs in Uganda, but I was very excited to join the Brighter Futures team in July 2016 and return to Ghana, where I first visited in 2010.

As Deputy Education Project Manager, I have primarily been responsible for co-ordinating Sabre’s pilot partnership with LRTT, overseeing our first training for lower primary teachers and developing a suitable Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning procedure to follow up. I also work very closely with the rest of the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training team, supporting all of our training and monitoring activities.

Favourite Ghanaian dish?

It has to be Red Red, although groundnut soup with omo tuo comes a close second!